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Yahoo Mail Signin

Posted: 20 Jun 2010 10:35 AM PDT

Yahoo email sign in page has been makeover. This looks very different and far more functional than the previous state. The main screen shows some useful new features, Yahoo mail which includes integration with FaceBook and other social networking sites. But on the main login page is the only thing that should be changed. This mail box is exactly the same as before in connection with the function and nothing has changed even about the user interface. This may seem a little strange for some people because it seems no point in changing or improving the login page from the mailbox if there is a core change is not complete.

Now one of the reasons for the drastic change that comes to mind is that Yahoo actually on his way to a complete change which may include the mailbox and the main site. Well sites may take longer to complete but can be expected that Yahoo mail box will show an improved version soon.

Actually, it’s time to think that Yahoo improve their email service because there is then considered as a free webmail is better than Hotmail, but that was before Gmail. Gmail blow the competition with a very intellectual UI and core functionality. Yahoo may have decided to pump the muscle to compete with Google and maybe beat host of innovative mail. If this happens then all the yahoo users who have switched to Gmail may want to return to their old email address.


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