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Avatar the last airbender season 4

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Avatar: The Last Airbender (or may be also called Avatar: The Legend of Aang in several countries) is a television animated series made by Nickelodeon. Avatar many took the setting in asia, especially his martial arts and the use of elemental magic. This series is about Aang’s struggle, an incarnation of Avatar and his friends to save the world from the Fire Nation. Avatar story is written in the form similar to the book with each episode is divided into chapters and a collection of chapters that make up the first season.

A century or 100 years ago, Aang, a boy 12 years of air controllers from the Nomads of Southern Water Temple, learned from the elders that in fact he is a reincarnation of Avatar. Usually a new avatar to be told about his true identity when aged 16. But the elders were worried that there is a war among four nations in the near future and help avatars will soon be required. Aang has had to part with his godfather, a monk Gyatso and Aang must go to the Eastern Air Temple to complete his training.

Confused, frightened, and insecure will be information and a great responsibility to bear as the Avatar, Aang fled from his home with his flying bison named Appa. When being passed over the southern ocean, a huge storm caused Appa fell and sank deep into the sea. Unintentional changes to Avatar Aang, and using a combination of controlling water and air controllers to protect Appa and himself. By creating an air bubble and freeze them, Aang and Appa could breathe and take shelter from the storm. However, the storm moves Aang Air bubbles and push it far to the north pole, so that can not be solved. Aang and Appa trapped air bubbles.

One hundred years later, the Fire Nation is on the verge of victory. All of the air controllers had destroyed the temple, the water rates being hit by the crisis – its soldiers to leave their homes without a water rate defense. Meanwhile in the northern water tribe is also being desperately to survive facing the fire tribe. Kingdom of Earth (land) became the sole dominant obstacle Fire Nation. As the Fire Nation invasion intensified territorial devouring, hopes will be a small victory every year.

Two brothers from the southern water tribe – Katara, an inexperienced controller water and her brother, Sokka, a warrior and caretaker southern water tribe found and freed Aang from ice bubbles. Is Aang succeeded in giving peace to the world as an avatar? How to travel Aang while traveling on a hard workout from different controllers?


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