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Sniper: Ghost Warrior, Test Your Shooting Skill and Mental

Sniper: Ghost Warrior-style game is one Firts Person Shooter (FPS) that puts the player as a Sniper. As a soldier, players will pass through a variety of military missions as well as unique weapons.

In this game players will be on a mission from two different people. First, gamers will play as a sniper aka sniper, then there is also a mission that will take the player as a member of Delta Force soldiers.

Testing Savviness Shooting

Beginning of the game, gamers will be presented with various turtorial shoot. Although could be exceeded, but players are encouraged to continue to follow the training. The reason a lot of shooting war strategy or style that deserves study.

Serve as a sniper, demands players to shoot. And practically, this might be the only one the most exciting feature in this game. Gamers are required to kill any opponent without being detected. Quite stressful and challenging is not it?

As a sniper, players not only the origin of fire. This game requires some fairly realistic calculation. For example, to shoot straight at the target player must take into account several things ranging from, wind direction, range, up to the power of gravity. So shoot enemies who are moving is not an easy matter in this game.

Remember a 'red dot' which exist in almost all FPS games? When gamers are playing in the mode 'Hard' is a sign that used to hit the target is eliminated. So gamers should consider yourself a few facts to shoot right into the target.

Indeed, Sniper: Ghost Warrior has an interesting game system, especially for sniping style offered. Buy Now at CDUniverse Only thanks to the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) which is less fit, as well as a less interesting storyline, make this game seem boring.

For graphics, City Interactive, a developer and publisher Sniper: Ghost Warrior rely on the Chrome Engine 4. So the quality is quite good and overlooks the beautiful forests and mountains.

But the most amazing thing in this game is the order of his voice. For knockdown without get detected, a sound system on a computer that is used is very important role. Gamers must take steps foot, or the sound of twigs that were trampled to shoot your opponent without being noticed.

Sound output even more perfect when using the speaker-based   Players can find out from which direction the enemy comes only by hearing the footsteps, or that they are bringing the bullets whir. Ouw yes, the voice that comes out of the barrel perluru long-player is very impressive and great tebilang loh ..

Not only that, players can see that the bullet right on target through a bullet-time feature ala Max Payne. Entertaining enough, after struggling to make shots that fit.

In this game players are not only acting as a sniper. In certain missions, pamain will get the role as one of the Delta Force troops. This is where gamers can shoot with Call of Duty style without having to tiptoe first.

With the various features offered, this game was able to test the ability of players in the shooting. The requirement to impose any opponent without being detected has a value to the stealth action game enthusiast. I only if included with the AI and a solid storyline, this game will certainly appear more mengesa

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